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My channel on YouTube is like my home. The Double Rainbow video and a few others are like my front yard. Commenting on my videos is like coming in my home and giving me your energy. I allow people to comment on my most public videos because that is where they usually learn about me. When people leave comments it says so much about who they are and what they will be like if I allow them to come into my home. When somebody leaves a pile of shit on my front yard I know not to allow them entry to my home because they will surly come in and shit on my floor. I set my videos to "only friends can comment" so that I can see who they are and whet they wrote before it gets in my house. Anybody who wants to shit on my floor gets rejected before they can come in. When somebody asks to be my friend on YouTube I go look at their channel and see if they are somebody who likes to leave piles of shit where ever they go. If they are like that I do not let them in. Sometimes the piles of shit are so bad that I block them from even getting close to my home or front yard, they are only allowed to see my house from the street. They can watch my videos but can not comment or communicate directly with me. It's amazing how so many people think it's acceptable to go around shitting where ever they want to. I hope to bring some manners to cyber with information like this.
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Word is born.

Like the increasing de-spirtualising and secularising of our society the cyber real can either be a limitless positive environ or simply another regressed hate filled introverted realm of cheap shot, small minds and limited social horizons.
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