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I was rocked a few minutes ago by a guy who goes by the handle "cleekersneaker". He wrote some lyrics to the Gregory brothers song based on my video. The lyrics were based on my life, he did his research based on an article for which I did an interview that I really liked with There has been countless work done on the Double Rainbow video, my other videos, interviews with me and now I am seeing that the people who have made works from my works are having people make works made from their work. What does this all mean? Why is this so popular, it's just a beautiful rainbow, from some peoples account they are not that uncommon, there are dozens if not hundreds of pictures and videos of them. It can not be me, I am not even in the dam thing, it's just my voice. When I shot it I figured I was just going to dub over the audio so it didn't matter what I said because the video was what was important not my reaction. Because I had it in my mind that the audio was inconsequential, I was free to let whatever wanted to come out of me just flow, I was just going to erase it any way. After I watched it I thought it was powerful and embarrassing but because I have always put it all out there for anybody to see I put it there raw. When I experienced it I knew it was God I was looking at, I posted it to my Smugmug web site titled "The eye of God" at the same time I posted it to You Tube but because You Tube has a much wider audience I was more conservative with the title. When I first posted it I sent it to everybody I knew knowing it had the potential to go viral, it only did so when the powerful angel who loves me and looks upon me from above smiled on me and gave me some love, thank you Jimmy Kimmel!

The answer as to why this has taken humanity so strongly is because this is God or the Spirit of God we are looking at. You see it through my eyes, I am somebody who is pure, unfiltered, unashamed, has a camera that shoots video and knows how to post things on You Tube. I am a man who would not sell out, money is not overly important to me, I have been possessed to put content on the Internet since I first learned how about the same time I started fighting for my life from obesity. I was never one to do things for money, I was only concerned with making art, putting content on the net. I first started putting things on You Tube and other places because they were free or cheap safer places to put information.

Since the video and myself have become famous my mind has been working much faster, I am being affected by the stream of consciousness humanity has bestowed upon me. Not only has is started to work faster but I am thinking in much more complex ways and I am in nearly constant communication with Spirit. I was much like this before there were so many thinking about me but it has been ramped up exponentially.

I have been told many things; I am only a vessel and a servant, things will be reveled to me as they need to be, my needs will be taken care of, I need to let the Universe flow through me, if I try and hold it I will burst, it will all go away and I can end up homeless, penniless and cold. I am being shown that everything is being prepared for me I am only needing to walk through it with humility, enthusiasm, joy and laughter. I am to remain true to who I am, continue to love and be kind to those around me, be forgiving and generous to my fellow humans and to appreciate all things given to me both easy, fun hard and sad.

I've been told that the rainbow video as well as many of my other videos are all mirrors so people can look into their own souls and judge ones own self, the comments they write me are what people think of themselves. I've been told that the content I have put on the net is modern day scripture. How to live your life in appreciation, how to love your fellow man, how to raise your children, how to have fun! I have been told that there are vast amounts of people who need to hear my message in a format I can give them that religion is not able or wanting to do. Spirituality is not accessible or available to the masses, so many are being left out because the format does not register with so many people. Now days a big part of humanity is on the Internet, this is how we all talk to each other, this is our virtual meeting room and God has asked me to gather the Rainbow Tribe. God the Creator of this place we live on wants all his children to know that religion is fine but what is really important is every single persons individual connection to Spirit, the Universe, the one who created our whole existence. Nobody has to go any place special to have this connection, it is always in every one of us. Any person can access the Spirit of God. God is in all of us, we only have to open ourselves up and say "hi God it's me", then say your name LOL! and then say what you want to say. Say what you need, what you think you need, what you are thankful for and say what you want. I advise to be careful in asking for things because of unintended consequences. Everybody has heard the saying be careful for what you ask, it's true, you might get what you want and then after you get it realize that was not what was ever going to make you happy or satisfied. Then if you go and ask for something else you will start to sound like a spoiled brat. Think about what you ask for hard and long before you ask for it, think about all the ramifications and reasons as to why you want this thing. You may find you already have what you need and it's only something within you that you need to work on to give you what you want.

About 10 days before the video blew up I was in a very powerful Yosemite Indian Sweat ceremony in Yosemite Valley with my son and many Yosemite Indian elders whom I have been in ceremony with for over two decades. The power of the Bear Spirit was all around, in the Bear skins on the lodge and in all the bears walking both physically and spiritually in and around that lodge. When I was there I prayed with my son that if there was something I was supposed to do I would not say no. I didn't know what it meant only that I knew I have a calling, that I am here to serve.

I want to thank everybody who has worked on projects with, for and inspired by the Double Rainbow video and myself. I am greatly touched by so many people giving of themselves, their energy, their talent and time. I have been told that people who use my works for personal or finical gain without asking or offering anything to me will suffer from ED, vaginal dryness or both which ever be the case. Thanks for all the advice so many people have given me, if I do not take your advice it is because I am already listening to something which I trust.

I still do not know all the answers only that things are unfolding and I will act in accordance with Spirit as I am told, when I am told. Ah Ho. Yosemitebear.
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About Bear

I was born in the Barrios of East Los Angeles and lived in LA until I was 22 years old when I moved to Yosemite National Park to work in the park.

I married into the Yosemite Indian tribe and had two Yosemite Indian children who I helped raise in that culture.

I bought raw land just outside Yosemite and developed it myself where I am setting it up to be self sustaining.