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We Animated YOU Into Our First Cartoon!

Dear Bear,

Thanks for a great legacy and all of your positive inspiration. =) Your attitude and outlook on life are truly motivating and I really appreciate that. I've actually been meaning to write you for a long time - back in 2011 my friend and I created a 5-minute pilot episode for an animated series and the entire thing is based on your Double Rainbow video. To my knowledge, our film - entitled "Double Headshot" - is the first (and only) mainstream parody of your video.

This project was literally a team effort, my friend and I being the only ones working on it as a 2-man crew. He was the writer and marketing man, while I designed, animated, and created all the artwork and footage. Therefore, I caricatured you in the show's style and actually animated you into the cartoon. =) Credit where credit is due!

Password: TomDickLarry

I would have shared this with you sooner, but we've been pitching the idea to various companies since the film was completed in 2011, and only recently decided to try a limited release online. The link and password above will take you to the private, protected video on Vimeo.com. If you have any problems accessing the film, please feel free to email me directly at chanceraspberry@hotmail.com.

I hope you will check out and enjoy the fruits of our labor at your convenience, and that you will please write me once you have with any thoughts or feedback. If you like what you see, I would love to discuss possibly having you promote the video and/or sharing it on your YouTube channel, blog, and any other pages or websites you have/like. While I could post it in these places myself, I'd like to get your seal of approval first, plus it would have much more weight and positive pull coming from you, creator of the original. =)

My partner is still rather nervous about the idea getting stolen if we make the video public (which is the ONLY reason we haven't had it on YouTube from the get-go), but I think if you were the one debuting it to the world, it would have a monumentally greater impact, which might change his mind. Sorry for the long message, Bear. Thank you so much for considering this and all your great videos. I look forward to hearing from you!

All The Best,

Chance Raspberry
The Simpsons Lead Animator
Creator of XTALK and Little Billy


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I saw you at Joshua Tree

Hi Paul,


I saw you at the Key's View overlook at the Joshua Tree National Park this weekend (3/23/2014) with my wife and her friend from North Carolina. Would you mind posting the video you were shooting or at least some photos so that I can show my friends and family? I didn't feel right approaching you but I wish I had at least said Hi.  I am so GRATEFUL for your open spirituality and love for nature and life.  You are a warrior for peace and I want you to know that we appreciate what you are bringing to the universe.  You are a beautiful soul.

I also find that I am the happiest and feel the most complete when I am in nature. My wife and I actually just completed a 4,000 mile bicycle trek across the United States over a two and a half month period.  You can check out the pictures and stories from our trip at crazyguyonabike.com/smist9423.  People were SO nice to us and I felt god's prescence on the journey.  Since then, my wife is completing a six month traveling nursing assignment in Sand Diego and then in the beginning of March we are bicycling from Canada down the West coast to Los Angeles.  We will put our pictures from that trip up on our blog too.  Like you, we have felt and experienced a lot of love from the universe.  I'm not sure exactly what it means either, but I wanted you to know that I identify with you and that you are appreciated.


With love and Gratitude,



P.S.- If you would like to reach me, my email is bntrue2me@hotmail.com



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Bob Marley Remix

Hey brother,

Made a lil remix of a classic Bob Marley tune and I captured your excitement about the double rainbow and put it in the track.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  Thanks man!  Much love!

-Timmy Tutone

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Eternal Present

Hi Bear 

I came to this site because I am looking for a dog and found you and your dogs on Youtube. Nice Dogs! Are you a breeder?

I have an amazing dog Ellie who is a 10 year old red border x and am looking for a male puppy.

Please let me know, I would love to meet you and your dogs and you are much closer than Kansas ( the other dogs I'm considering).

SO much beauty where you live!




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Yes blood!

Hi Yosemite Bear - you the M.F. MAN bro.

Big ups for taking that fight it must have been super tough with all the odds of the opponent already but also having to do such a taxing form of exercise with such a big frame bro.

Good on you for beginning combat/MMA sports for losing weight and getting healthy. It's this kind of positive choice to use and embrace intensity and pressure to better ourselves rather than some gimmick as seen on TV Bow Flex B.S.

I love your Double Rainbow you are one peace filled, chilled brother.

All the best & all aroha from Aotearoa New Zealand.

P.S. if you are ever down this way in the South Pacific don't hesitate to get in touch and come roll at our BJJ club:


Hope you like the tune. Bump it full when your wandering Yosemite looking at double rainbows hangin' with Smokey Bear!

Nature the best therapy there is huh brother?!

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Hello Yosemite Bear!

I saw about the huge fire in the News and immediately you came into my thoughts. I hope and pray that everything is okay with you and that there is no danger for you and other people. I also hope that the animals are safe.

It shows us once more that all has multiple aspects. Fire can be constructive and destructive. It can help to sustain life, but also can destroy life. It is the same energy, but the effect of it is different.

"Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good just good, nor the evil just evil, nor is life life, nor death death." Gospel of Phillip

"Hei is nig barn un wert nig old!" "Is not born and gets not old!" an old-saxon saying

The peace be with you!

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Rainbow Jar

Paul, you don't know me ... but I'm going to ask for your help.  I know you as the rainbow-guy.  I have written a poem/story about rainbows and wanted to show this to you. 

I have three daughters and I am looking to find ways to earn money for their college fund.  I attach this poem/story to a jar in a decorative sort of way and sell it for a price that allows me to try and work on adding to their college fund.

If you would support or simply reference this project I know it would take off!  If you have any interest in supporting this project, I could send you an actual sample. 

I believe that the universe will provide you a means to take care of your family ... you just have to ask the universe politely.  In a weird way that is what I'm doing here.

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Hey, I thought of you when I saw this pic of a rainbow in a tornado. Check it out!


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Use of your video in a TV show

I'm trying to reaching you regarding permission to use a screen grab of your video in a TV show I'm working on. I've left a phone message as well at the 209-227-1397.  My contact info is on that message.  Thanks,

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Permaculture Friend to Visit

Hi Paul,


My name is Ayse (pronounced Eye-shah).  I'm a friend of Irene's and just met you a couple days ago at the Bear Ceremony.  I wanted to contact you because I have a dear friend who is very knowledgable in the world of permaculture and would love to visit yosemite and you since you are working on getting your spot to be self-sustaining.  You guys would get along swimmingly.  Anyways, if you are open to meeting him, his name is Ysidro, it would be great if you could pass along your contact info.  Thanks!


Take care


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I was born in the Barrios of East Los Angeles and lived in LA until I was 22 years old when I moved to Yosemite National Park to work in the park.

I married into the Yosemite Indian tribe and had two Yosemite Indian children who I helped raise in that culture.

I bought raw land just outside Yosemite and developed it myself where I am setting it up to be self sustaining.