YouTube Comments

December 05
My channel on YouTube is like my home. The Double Rainbow video and a few others are like my front yard. Commenting on my videos is like coming in my home and giving me your energy. I allow people to comment on my most public videos because that is where they usually learn about me. When people leave comments it says so much about who they are and what they will be like if I allow them to come into my home. When somebody leaves a pile of shit on my front yard I know not to allow them entry to my home because they will surly come in and shit on my floor. I set my videos to "only friends can comment" so that I can see who they are and whet they wrote before it gets in my house. Anybody who wants to shit on my floor gets rejected before they can come in. When somebody asks to be my friend on YouTube I go look at their channel and see if they are somebody who likes to leave piles of shit where ever they go. If they are like that I do not let them in. Sometimes the piles of shit are so bad that I block them from even getting close to my home or front yard, they are only allowed to see my house from the street. They can watch my videos but can not comment or communicate directly with me. It's amazing how so many people think it's acceptable to go around shitting where ever they want to. I hope to bring some manners to cyber with information like this.

Double Rainbow Video Meaning

July 23
It's been just over a year since my video Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10 went viral. It's at over 29 million views on my page alone, it has 127,000 comments, really I could talk about all the numbers, honors awards and achievements this video has brought about. This is not what I am here to write about. I am here to write about what the video means. The Double Rainbow video came to me after a long deep depression. After the depression I came to understand why I had been depressed and why I no longer needed to be depressed. I had been in a cocoon while I was depressed when I emerged from the cocoon I was set free on the Earth as a butterfly. The Double Rainbow came to me as a sign of this. I had also been writing an email telling a friend I felt like I was Noah because I am building what is like an ark with green houses, fruit trees, alternative energy etc. I am building this ark on land I bought when I was 25 years old in 1988. Land on the side of a mountain I developed myself and have lived alone on for decades. When I sent the email saying how I felt like I was Noah the rainbow came.

I was not on any drugs, alcohol nor was there anything sexual about it. I say this because there are so many comments from people asking this. People ask this because they understand there is something very powerful going on but they can't explain it, in their minds the only way they can explain it is through the experiences they have had with drugs or sex.
A double rainbow is a mirror of itself, God has given the video to his children as a tool so they can look into their own souls. Many people recognize that I was in the presence of God, most people do not. It's just like when Europeans came to the new world for the first time, Native Americans could not see the ships. It was not in their set of references to understand so they did not see it. It was the chief of the Native Americans who first saw the ships because he had an imagination and it's why he was chief. Once he pointed out, hey look at those ships every one could see them. I am like the chief. I have imagination. I see God in a rainbow and am saying look at God! I have come to believe I am here to fulfill the Cree Indian prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior. You can Google: Cree Rainbow to find this prophecy.
I have been practicing Native American Medicine since 1986, I have been practicing Shamanism for about 10 years. Like Noah I am somebody who foretells of things to come, a prophet.
For the people who ask what was I on when I shot the video. I was on the power of the Spirit of the Universe, God. I saw it through my third eye and shared it with the world. This is the only explanation for the events that have occurred since the video was shot. There is no other way to explain all the rainbows that come to me.

Bear for President 2012

May 29
Bear For President 2012. ~:XD>- Paul "Yosemitebear" Vasquez, The Double Rainbow Guy is running for president 2012. I see a need for the ideas I have to be discussed and I was asked to run. I am first a servant of Mankind so when I am asked something I can do to help my fellow man I can not refuse. I see the current way of thinking is not correct.
President Obama has a long term plan to get Americans off of foreignoil and on to alternative energy. This is too little too late. Humanity is headed for a cliff, anybody who does not see it has their head in the sand. The only way to avoid going over this cliff is to declare a state of emergency and get the most energy consuming country on the planet off of oil. This will have a dramatic effect on many things. Alternative energy is clean, the infrastructure to make it happen will all be needed here in this country so it will put Americans to work. We will stop sending money off of our land and keep that money here. We have the resources, we bailed out the banks,we are fighting two wars, if we put this energy into developing our alternative energy generating and transmission infrastructure it would make us rich long term. We would be leaders of the world again, we would be so rich tha we could afford to fix all the other problems we have. We would stop using a dwindling resource and start using a free infinite source of ener y. We would stop polluting our environment and have the resources to bring it back to a pristine state. If I were elected I would make a branch of the government like homeland security but it would be dedicated to alternative energy.
I know I am not a politician but I am a man of the people. My video of me witnessing a Double Rainbow in my front yard has gone all over the planet, it has made Mother Nature noticed again. This happened to me so I can do these things. I know an outsider like me has very little chance of actually becoming president but stranger things have happened and if I can at least get these views discussed I will have accomplished something.
I have been told that there are powerful forces like big oil that will fight me. I say I am a Warrior, I am ready to fight. Who better than a Warrior who has no fear, does not care about money and is only here to serve and love my fellow man? I do not want to be president. I am only here to serve. I do not want anything, I serve, I do. I do not want.

I am fulfilling a Cree Indian Rainbow Prophecy. I am here to unite all the colors of people, I am here to foster in the Rainbow Warrior movement. Paul "Yosemitebear" Vasquez, The Double Rainbow Guy for
President 2012. Emergency! Alternative Energy!~:DX>-

Bear and Irene Do RIO!

May 22

I was invited to YouPix web conference in Sao Paulo Brazil, Since I was going to be there any way I asked if I could extend my stay and bring a companion. Irene said she wanted to go so I brought her. The extra 5 days I asked for we used to go to Rio, this is part one of the vid we shot while in Rio. Thanks to Edwardo of Ocean Inn Rio.


Rainbow Prophecy

April 16
If you Google Cree Rainbow it will lead you to the Cree Indian prophecy that tells of the Rainbow Warriors. Please do this and read for yourself. The prophecy says something like the Rainbow message will be spread to all people of the Mother Earth. The prophecy goes hand in hand with my message, I didn't know about this until recently so it's not like I was working towards this prophecy but more like I was chosen to fulfill it. I did not ask to go to Iceland, New Zealand and now with my daughter Irene Brazil but rather these places called me. I have been speaking and writing these ideas for years, the Rainbows come to me because I have held tight to the ideas the the prophecy speak about. It's clear to me that what the Double Rainbow means is I am here to spread this message, I am fulfilling prophecy, I remain a vessel of the Universe a servant for mankind.


April 03
I have had pets all my life. I look at them as a gift from God and to not take advantage of a gift is disrespectfull. I bred my first dogs when I was 18. I had a dog I loved very much and I wanted to continue his line and I needed money. I got my first Queensland Heeler in 1999 when I was a truck driver. I realized that breed was for me and when I stopped driving truck I bought a breeding pair and set out to make my own line of these dogs.
People often tell me that I should not breed dogs, that I should rescue dogs from a shelter. To me this is like telling an expectant mother she should not have kids that there are too many unwanted kids and they should adopt. Whos business is it of there's what I should do with my dogs? If people acted responsibly with thier pets there would be no shelters. People tell me I should spay or neuter my dogs and not let them breed, does anybody ever think about the unborn puppy who never gets to come into this world. What about if your parents had not decided to have kids, you would have never experienced life, the same goes for the puppy, even the puppy who is the worst case scenario, lets say he he goes unwanted and ends up in a shelter and gets euthinized, at least he was alive for a time, he got to suckle at his mom's teat, he got to play with his litter mates. I do not believe in playing God, let the souls be born who have decided this. Of course there is a balance, making pets without responsibility is wrong but saying spay them all is also wrong. Please do not tell me how to control my pets reproduction, I love them, I take care of them and it is my debt to the Universe I take on when I do these things. How would you like it if I said you should not have kids?

Bear's Kids Ski Yosemite

February 03
Irene and Paul went skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite, I came along to make a video!



January 30
I have had communications with a few different people who have inspired me to write this. These are the questions I have come up with for people to ask of themselves if they plan on being around after the change.
Do you own land with water on it? Is it paid for? Is it in your name? Is it enough land and water to grow food for who lives there? Do you love it there? Do you make your own energy? Do you have debt that is secured by the land? Do you have guns and lots of ammo? Do you live with people in a loving supportive community?
I don't have all of this but I have some of it and the rest is close. I have known times like this and what is to come were coming since I was in my early 20's in the 1980's. I bought my own land and put a well on it when I was 25 years old in 1988. I have seen a sustainable community with lots of beautiful people here working the land and living creatively and in harmony with each other and the land. I always saw technology as a big part of how things would work. I saw that there should be a mixture or blending of old and new ways. I saw that the models we have come to know would not necessarily work. Dollars will not work as we know them to work now, the things most of humanity values most will be of little or no value, the things that are of little value now will be life itself. A major shift is just around the corner, my opening myself in a humble display of my soul to Mother nature has awoken humanity. The video that went viral a month after Double Rainbow is the Universe's response to my video. Yes, "Bed Intruder", was given to us for a reason just like the Double Rainbow, it's a a message to humanity. Antoine is also a messenger though he does not know it yet. I have met him and spent quality time with him and my last words to him was "I like you more than I expected to". He's a sweet guy, I can't say too much but things will be reveled soon.
I just finished reading the book, "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Kids". I read it and realized I knew this stuff all along, I am an Indigo. I've been labeled Hippy, it didn't seem right to me, I think the label Indigo is more accurate. If you have an Indigo kid I recommend reading this book. Actually I think most people who are having kids right now should read this as so many are coming. I am interested in finding Indigo's like me who have kids, especially adult kids like mine, I want to speak with them please.
The things I realized from reading some of the stuff I've read lately is that we as humanity, at least those who will still be around are headed for a huge shift in consciousness. We are heading toward instant mass communication. We are already experiencing these things with the Internet, cell phones, Skype etc. Soon we will not need machines to communicate, well just be able to know without the devices we use now.
If you are a person of means and want to be around after the change, I recommend turning your dollars, 401K's and other intangible things into things that will help you after the shift. Buy land, make sure it has water, make sure you can make your own energy, have multiple methods of communications. Two way radios, Internet, ham radios. Have buildings that can house people, animals, seeds, supplies, material and tools. If you are left holding dollars when the shift occurs you may not be able to trade green paper or even shiny metal for these things that can support life.
I believe a reality show is coming to me that will show me doing all these things. There are also several movies in various stages of production with similar themes in them that I am involved in.
Lets keep in touch. Bear.

Yosemite Falls Rainbow Snowcone

January 17

I had to go to court to get a charge dismissed. Lucky because I saw all this.

New Years Eve 2010

December 31
 One year ago today I sat right where I am now and watched the Blue Moon Rise! I was coming out of a serious depression and catching that moon was a sign to me that my depression had ended. I explain why I was depressed, what it meant, what got me out of it and why I survived in other blogs. Many of my videos are signs I receive of my Spiritual and emotional growth and since I always have my camera I catch them and post them on You Tube. Eight days after the Blue Moon I had a Double Rainbow come to my front door. Of course most people know my reaction to it has entered the consciousness of humanity. The video has been nominated for or has won countless awards, CBS People's Choice Awards, Time Magazine & Jimmy Kimmel  won number one, number two You Tube top 10 people behind Old Spice's high budget commercial, # 6 most watched and # 9 most shared on You Tube. My story is the only pure You Tube story in existence. I started putting videos on You Tube to back up my hard drive and so my descendants could watch me and my family. My video is perfect because there is nobody in it, it was not planned or performed, it was an unconscious act or reaction to one man with a pure heart witnessing God, a man who was brave enough to put it out for the world to see. I have taken all comers, I have done almost every interview asked of me (close to 200) in the less than six months since it went viral. I have read almost every comment, answered almost every question, taken on or considered every offer. I have turned down many offers like placing ads on the sacred video. I was told by Spirit that my needs would be met in other ways. It took many months for things to bear fruit but now I am having the riches of the world at my feet. Yet it is my intention to not let it change me, I only want more land so I can share what I have with the people I love. There is a list of things that have come out of this, some of the most powerful ones are getting invited to Iceland by a high school who raised the money to give me a trip out there. They toured me around the country, made a play, mural, sang and danced for me, made me a throne, crown and scepter and showered me with hugs and kisses. I felt worshiped, they went swimming with me in a hot lake that was aqua called the Blue Lagoon. I wondered if it was all good since they were young, I asked out loud if I should be swimming and playing with such young people and right when I asked this a giant rainbow appeared. All of this is documented on my You Tube page.
I've been touring all over the world, Vermont, Baja CA, New Zealand paid me more money than I made in the last two years to come there for a week and shoot a commercial for a cell phone company. I was treated first class all the way, something that was a new experience for me, I saw what it's like to have tons of money. I realized my enjoyment of life had gone down, even though I used to have very few dollars I always felt like a billionaire, I was now living the life of a millionaire and it wasn't as good as when I was without dollars.
I shot a commercial with Jenifer Anniston, she was extremely kind to me, she said she was a fan and asked for my picture to be made with her. She hugged me when we parted and while I had her in my arms I realized I had the pinnacle of femininity in my grasp, it was an extreme high.
Many of the things the fame brought me were not effected, I met Sage before I was famous as I did Kelly and Kelly was even living with me before I entered public consciousness. Femininity had been around for well over a year before the vid went viral.
One year I am grateful for, it has brought many wonders, fame, money, praise, beauty, happiness. I continue to be a vessel of the Universe, Servant of mankind, protector of Mother Earth. I am here to let what comes flow through me. The Double Rainbow video was a tool God used to get humanity to notice me because I have a message. Love your fellow man, walk gently on Mother Earth, connect to Spirit. The video is also a tool so humanity can look into their own soul.
If 2011 brings a change I welcome it, whether it be obscurity, fame, challenges, rewards, hardship, pain, joy, pleasure, I remain a servant obedient to Creator's will.
All my relations. Ah Ho. Yosemitebear.

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About Bear

I was born in the Barrios of East Los Angeles and lived in LA until I was 22 years old when I moved to Yosemite National Park to work in the park.

I married into the Yosemite Indian tribe and had two Yosemite Indian children who I helped raise in that culture.

I bought raw land just outside Yosemite and developed it myself where I am setting it up to be self sustaining.