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My channel on YouTube is like my home. The Double Rainbow video...
It's been just over a year since my video Yosemitebear Mountain Giant...
Bear For President 2012. ~:XD>- Paul "Yosemitebear" Vasquez, The Double Rainbow Guy is...
I was invited to YouPix web conference in Sao Paulo Brazil, Since...

New Balance uses my video without permission

August 15

Yep. You read that right. Read the whole article at the Daily Dot here.



Smartwater Commercial

March 07

Check out this Smartwater commercial I did with beautiful Jen Aniston. She is amazing and humble... what an awesome experience!


Windows Live Commercial

September 01

Check out my new “Double Rainbow” video commercial I did for Microsoft Windows Live photo gallery. It’s really cool and I had so much fun shooting it in Washington with all the Microsoft guys. They all treated me so nice. It was such a pleasure hanging out with them.


Know Your Meme: Double Rainbow

July 27

On July 3rd, Jimmy Kimmel posted a tweet[2] that linked Twitter users to the video. A little over an hour later, sports columnist Bill Simmons retweeted[3] Kimmel’s post. On July 4th, a short article was posted on The Huffington Post about the video.[4] On July 5th, YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson posted a video highlighting the Double Rainbow video. On July 8th, Shira Lazar of CBS News[5] posted her interview with Paul Vasquez (Hungrybear9562).“That day I was finishing a note to a friend telling her I was like Noah because I’m building what seems to be like an arc here. I have greenhouses and gardens and fern trees and lots of animals here. Right after finishing that email, I look out there and the colors. I walked out with my camera. What you see in the video is what I experienced. That rainbow lasted over an hour. My camera only captured about 40 percent of the color. It was a lot brighter than you see”.

On July 22nd, Jimmy Kimmel’s official YouTube channel posted a video of Bear in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On July 6th, the user schmoyoho (popular for “Auto-Tune the News”) created an Auto-Tuned version of this video. The song can be purchased on iTunes[6], and proceeds are split between Yosemitebear and Auto-Tune the News.

Read more on Know Your Meme...


Jimmy Kimmel Live

July 24

Check out my first time on stage at the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was tons of fun fun fun!


CNN: How Double Rainbow Blew Up

July 14

It is usually the simplest expressions that take off like wildfire. Everyone's been talking this week about "double rainbows," based on a goofy home video recorded more than six months ago.

In early January, Paul Vasquez, also known as "Hungry Bear," spent an hour videotaping, and marveling at, a beautiful double rainbow at Yosemite National Park.

Some 3½ minutes of his "rainbowing" were caught on tape, and it's Vasquez's reaction to the rainbows -- not the rainbows themselves -- that's drawing viewers.

Read the full article from CNN...


About Bear

I was born in the Barrios of East Los Angeles and lived in LA until I was 22 years old when I moved to Yosemite National Park to work in the park.

I married into the Yosemite Indian tribe and had two Yosemite Indian children who I helped raise in that culture.

I bought raw land just outside Yosemite and developed it myself where I am setting it up to be self sustaining.